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Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 02/22/2024

Bend Bullets Board Meeting 4-24-24

Present:  John Kromm, Shannon Kromm, Kelly Strycharz, Eric Colter, Jess Calbreath

Registration fees:

10s fees have been adjusted to practice player fee.

16s registration fees will stay the same to allow for double registration for future tournaments.

12s practice  player only fees have been adjusted.

18s have been cancelled

16s practice only players have been identified and notified.  

Players on Sports Connect have been moved to respective teams including practice only p;ayers have been grouped.  Now we can email which team/group individually as needed.

18s will need to have all upcoming tournaments pre-paid.  

John will reach out to these kids and parents and have a meeting with them to discuss expectations of the season due to some complaints about lack of coaching during San Jose tournament.  

8u might have their own goalie back for Bend and Finals tournament.  16s might have a goalie identified for finals, but still need one for Bend and Sah Jose.  Brodie may be available for Bend.  

10s:  might combine teams with Reign for San Jose.  For Bend tournament John will reach out to players from Bend not enrolled in Bullets and allow them to practice with team week before Bend tournament and participate in Bend tournament for a fee.  Hawaii might be able to take some players for Finals.  

TOHRs looking to keep San Jose as a regional on their schedule but might move up date to first of May.  

San Jose NARCh regional potential teams:


18s on their own

16s potentially playing two divisions if they can find a goalie




Next Meeting May 22, 2024 @ 5:30 pm at Kromm’s home.  

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 02/22/2024

Present:  John Kromm, Shannon Kromm, Heather Horlacher, Shaun Roland, Kelly Strycharz

Registrations:  only 19 registered to date.  Need start posting on social media, send out weekly email reminders, use Rapids team managers to send registration links as Rapids will not post on their official communications promoting other youth sports.  Registration cut off is March 29, 2024.  

18U Team:  Need to have remote meeting this these kids/parents to see what tournaments kids are available and when everyone will be returning to Bend to practice.  

Practice Players:  Will not be skating with the travel teams.  Just practicing during their time slot on Sunday afternoons.  

Mock ups for sublimated shorts and t-shirts are out to vendors for mock ups.  Should have them back by next meeting for review.  

PDX has a rink installed, but its narrow.  Hopefully can get some games both in Bend and PDX for some games, 

Anticipate only 16s will play multiple divisions this year.  There will be an extra cost to play extra divisions.  

Potential Team Managers:

8u:  Heather H

10U:  Jess

12U:  Shaun

14U:  Kelly

16U:  Steve?

18U:  Melisa

John working on policy manual for Bullets.

Shaun is sending letter to Nosler for some sponsorship/funding.

Next Meeting:  March 21, 2024 @ 5:30 pm.  

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 01/1/2024

Present:  John Kromm, Shannon Kromm, Jess Calbreath, Eric Colter, Kelly Strycharz, Melissa Sween, Shaun Roland

RHA will not do insurance as they already know we buy membership.  AAU will be our only option.  Everyone that steps on the rink needs to have an AAU membership before try outs.  Team managers will need to verify memberships

April 6 is last day of ice.  Floor install tentative for April 9 start practice April 11.  Teams announced by April 16. 

Will speak to Claire to see if maybe we can use April 12 as a am and pm practice date for “training camp/eval”.

$40 for Try Out Fee.  $20 for AAU. 


Need to confirm for which events each registrant can attend:

4 Events Included in Registration Cost.  No Refunds to registration fees if player does not attend

April 19-21, 2024 TOHRS Regional San Jose (Invitation Only)

May 17-19, 2024:  San Jose NARCH Regional

June 7-9, 2024:  Bend  NARCH Regional

July 11-21, 2024:  NARCH Finals Irvine.


Coaching Assignments:  Coaches will meet and discuss. Tentative plan is:

John and Eric 8s-10s

Jason 12-18s

Brandon goalie coach

Anyone else will be volunteer basis. 


Practice Schedule: Tentative.


6:30-7:30 pm 8U, 10U

7:30-8:30 pm 12 U

8-30-9:30 pm 14U 16U


            6:30-7:30 pm 8u, 10U

            7:30-8:30 pm 12U

            8:30-9:30 pm 14U, 16U


            4-5:00 pm. Development kids

            5-6:00 pm. 8U, 10U

            6-7:00 pm 12u 14U

            7:00-10:00 pm  16, 18s Adults (PBR)


Structure of Teams:  10 skaters and 1 goalie

Goal of program will be development of local Bend players.

Minimum roster number is 7 before any players can be added.  If player is added all three coaches need to approve additional rostered players. 


Apparel:    Kelly will work on it.

Something with the BULLETS acronym.

Kit for kids dry fit t-shirt and sublimated  shorts

T-shirts for adults. 

Uniform order in by April 16. 



Feb 22 Next Meeting. 5:30 pm.  Kromm Residence. 

Agenda Items: 

Next Meeting Need to discuss 18U

How to deal with multiple divisions

Coaches playing conflicts:  their game time vs coaching time

Assign Team managers for each team. 

John and Eric to sit down and make some by laws for Bullets.






Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 8-28-23

Bend Bullets Board Meeting:  August 28, 2023. 2008 NE Cradle Mountain Way. Present:  John Kromm, Shannon Kromm, Eric Colter, Kelly Strycharz, Jess Calbreath, Shaun Roland, Melisa Sween. 

Approval of Minutes from 7/25/23

RHA for 2024:  Trying to get a hold of underwriter.  Contact, Dan does not think they will insure the entire season.  Awaiting for them to come back with a definite answer.  Plan B will be rolled into registration fee into AAU and we would just send entire roster to AAU (bulk input) and get everyone insured.  Team managers will be responsible for checking insurance.

Apparel Options:  Tom Malin is available for screen printing, etching.  Kelly will reach out to True Thread for subliminated short options.  

Rink Removal:  Oct 4, 2023, @ 4:30 pm.  Will confirm with Clare.  

Organizational Regroup for 2024:

Overall Goal?  5 year goal:  one team per birth year.

Mission statement

2 weeks of  practice then selections for travel team

Players must accept their spots for travel

Do we carry a practice squad?  Go to BPRD?  Development program in Aug/Sept.

Next Board Meeting we should have an outline of policies in place.  

Coaches Responsibilities:  

Roster approval

Practice plans

Extra divisions playing up

Who coaches what games when multiple games are taking place at same time

Team Manger Responsibilites

Need an outline of responsibilities.  

Next Meeting:  9-25-23. 

Registration Must be Live Jan 1.   

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 6-26-23

 The Pavilion 6:00 pm. Present:  Melisa Sween, Eric Colter, John Kromm, Shaun Roland, Kelly Strycharz, Jess Calbreath, Shannon Kromm

Board Structure:  

President, VP, Secretary, Treasure, Team Managers

Template Emails for Team Managers/System Wide to get communication out timely, RHA, information, tournament expectations, season greeting, finals information etc would be helpful for consistent messaging year after year.  

Team Insurance/Liability:


John will speak to Daryn at finals regarding Bullets getting on their policy

Registration Process for Next Year

Posters for registration

January 1 registration live with March 31 as dea

Next Year Discussion:  In next few months need to finalize

Practice player vs Travel player difference

Try out fees

We still giving refunds for tournaments not attended?

Ala a carte pricing vs fixed price?

Double Divisions pricing/expectations per team, per player?

Head Coach responsibilities

Assistance coach responsibilities 

Coaches communication with team managers.

Evaluations for team managers

Protocol for out of town kids playing in tournaments

Protocol for Bend tournament rosters

Registration need to have some type of survey for tournaments players can attend

Need policies and procedures in place for all of the above.  

Need to look at practice times/rink over crowding

Practice players slowing down practices and maybe needing a different practice time

End of year BBQ

Kelly: paper products 

Shannon:  meat, condiments buns

Families bringing sides and drinks

John:  working on prizes

Gas is piped in so no need for propane tank fills.  Claire just requesting we clean grills.  

In off season need to look at team stack app and if its worth rolling out to families next year.  

Colter Training August and September

Two sessions. 2013 younger, and 2014 older

20 total need to be registered.  

August 1-31 first session

Sept 5-29  second session

Individual lessons with Brandon with goalies paying him privately. 

Sept older kids are requesting checking.  

Registration will  go live 6/28/23

Narch Finals Rosters Are Set. 

Next Meeting July 24, 2023 Meeting 6:00 pm @ the Pavilon. 

Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 5-14-23

Bullets Board Meeting Minutes. 5-14-23.  3:00 pm. Present:  Shannon Kromm, John Kromm, Shaun Roland, Kelly Strycharz, Jason Domitrovic. Call in:  Melisa Sween, Jess Calbreath.  

Next Year Suggestions:

Try out period and then determine if travel player, practice player or BPRD player.  

Then accept travel player position and then commit to how many tournaments can attend.  

Bend Tournament Rosters:  (edited after meeting to reflect registered teams)

8U:  2 teams

10U:  2 teams

12U: 2 teams

14U: 2 teams

16U: 2 teams

18U: 2 teams.  

Meeting adjourned 4:00 pm.  

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 4-23-23

Start time 3:00 PM

Present:  Eric Colter, John Kromm, Shannon Kromm, Shaun Roland, Kelly Strycharz

Stack Team App

Free with the website we are using.  Team managers will look at it and determine if its worth sending out to entire organization to use.  

Rosters San Jose

8u. 10 skaters and a goalie

10 No Team going. 

12u 2 teams.  Blue and White 9 skaters on each team

14U.2 team. Blue actual 14s, White 12s playing up.  

16U playing both 16s and 18s.  

New Practice Times:  Shaun will send out bulk email to organization for change in times.  


           6:30-7:30 pm 8u, 10u

           7:30-8:30 pm 12u, 14u

           8:30-9:30 pm 16u, 18u


           6:30-7:30 pm 8U/10u

           7:30-8:30 pm 12u/14u

           8:30-9:30 pm 16u 18u


           4:00-5:00 pm 8u

           5:00-6:00 pm 10u

           6:00-7:00 pm 12u/14u

           7:00-8:00 pm 16s/18s/adults

Prorated amount for missing one month of practice $200

Oakland tournament fee $145

San Jose tournament fee for double rostered players  $80

10U that didn’t attend Oakland or San Jose get $80 refund.  

Merchandise:  Google doc to see about interests for shorts, t-shirts.  Kelly will contact some vendors and CC John on options.  

Kelly will order 50 more pucks.  

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 3-21-23

Board Meeting 3-21-23 @ the Pavilion.  Start time 4:30 pm. End time 6:16 pm. Present:  Jess Calbraeth, Kelly Strycharz, Shannon Kroom, John Kromm, Meilsa Sween, Eric Colter.

Oakland Rosters: 

8u-14U going only. 

Borrow 10U goale from the Reign

Prorated practice fees:

1 month of practice and finals = $567

1 month of practice and Bend/Finals = $692

Practice Times for the Season:

Tuesdays/Thursdays:  All players

6:30-7:30 pm 8u/10u

7:30-8:30 pm 12u/14u

8:30-9:390 pm:  16u/18u

Sundays (No practice players)

4-5:00 pm 8u/10u

5-6:00 pm 12u/14u

6-7z;00 pm 16u/18u

Will defer 16/18U practice times if registration numbers do not increase.  

Floor Install:  April 17, 2023.  Kelly will send out bulk email

Jess will confirm with Ben Fleming practice time for Westside Church for players attending Oakland only.  

Scholarship Information needs to be posted to website. Shannon will compose letter for business donations for scholarship fund.

Bend Bullets Board Meeting Minutes: 2-21-22

Bullets Board Meeting 2-21-22

@ the Pavilion. Start time 4:30 pm. End time: 5:23 pm
Present: Jess Calbreath, Shannon Kromm, Kelly Strycharz, John Kromm, Eric Colter, Melissa
Sween, Shaun Roland

NARCh Hotel Block booked Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/Orange County Airport. Shaun will get link
posted to website.
Coaches dates for NARCh
Jason July 5-15, 2023
Eric July 6-13, 2023
John: July 10-16, 2023
Might need to adjust dates if we will have 3 teams in 16s division.
Kelly will work on getting hotel block for Oakland and San Jose set up and get info sent to Shaun
for posting on website.
Registration numbers are low to date:
Melisa will reach out to 16s-18s to get them registered.
Kelly will reach out to 14s to get them registered.
Shaun will reach out to 12s to get them registered.
Eric will reach out to 10s to get them registered.
8s are all set
Floor Install:
April 17, 2023
Practice Times:
T/TH 6:30 pm-9:30 pm
Sundays 4-8:00 pm
Ben Flemming offered gym @ Westside Church if needed before floor goes down for practice.
Will need to be skating only to protect walls from pucks.
Finanical aid form will be converted to PDF and will posted to website. Applications will be sent
to Bullets Gmail account. Shannon will get a separate bank account for financial aid to keep
funds separated.
Next Meeting: March 21 @ the Rink @ 4:30 pm

Bend Bullets Board Meeting 1-24-23

5-6:15 pm

Present:  John Kromm, Shannon Kromm, Jess Calbreath, Shaun Roland, Kelly Strycharz, Eric Colter

Tournament Schedule for 2023

Oakland, CA. April 14-16, 2023. NARCh. Invite Only

San Jose, CA.  May 6-7, 2023.  TOHRs

Bend, OR.  June 16-18, 2023. NARCh

Irvine, CA.  NARCh Finals.  July 6-16, 2023.

Budget projected with 60 players.

Rink cost will increase to $125/hour.

Budget includes goalie coach, Brandon.

Season Costs

Practice players and 6U. $700

8U. $1100

10-18U. $1300

For kids playing in extra divisions fee will be $165 for regular tournaments.  $200 for finals


Jess will develop an application process so that people can apply for a scholarship.  

Discussed that fundraising really isn’t an option for such a short season and that board members should really reach out to donor to cover scholarships.  

Families receiving scholarships should really be involved with putting and and taking out tiles.

Practice Times:

Kelly will meet with Claire, from BPRD to finalize practice times.


Kelly will ensure that first run of uniforms will be completed by first tournament in April.  

Approval of ordering 2 extra “blank” uniforms for each age group for extra players for tournaments.  

Projected Numbers for Each Team:

Shaun will look at spread sheet from last year and adjust for known new players and adjust for kids moving up to next age bracket. 

Next Meeting:  2/21/23 @ 4:30 pm @ the Rink.  

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