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What kind of Equipment do I need for roller hockey?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get when it comes to ice players who have never played roller hockey before.   
The answer:   It's the same as your ice stuff! 

Roller hockey is every bit as challenging, fast and hard hitting as ice. Although there isn't exactly body checking the game is still very physical. The puck is rocket fast out there and hits hard. All equipment is the same with the exceptions of a few minor adjustments to the design style. One can hit the floor with no change to their setup except for skates and be just fine, however if your interested in the more subtle differences please see below. 

Shoulder pads are optional and the tradition ice pants are replaced by a two part system including a slim fitting girdle and long shell pants that go over the girdle and the shin pads.  The two major companies CCM & Bauer both make specific inline (rolller) skates on their ice boots. Theoretically you can have the exact same ice and inline skates.   
Visit any of your favorite online proshop retailers to find skates, girdles and roller pants.  & are two of our favorites


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