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Apr, 2022

How to get an edge on wheels!

The biggest thing we hear when it comes to players crossing over into inline hockey is "I cant stop or turn on roller... it sucks"  

Come on...didn't I just read your mind? I did huh?

I get it, it's different, but once you figure out the wheel situation it's get a ton better.  Most lower-end/entry level skates come with outdoor wheels. So what? Well... wheels ARE the edge in Roller. 


There are indoor wheels and outdoor wheels, and when we say outdoor we mean like asphalt street hockey. Everything else including the pavilion is considered indoor. It is not an exaggeration to say that when the floor is properly cleaned and you have the right wheels you can turn as sharp or sharper and stop as hard as on ice. (I know you don't beleive me, but come to a high level tournament and watch)

So what kind of wheels do you need?  The short answer is "INDOOR wheels" at most online hockey retailers they will be organized as indoor or outdoor.  The other indicator is the hardness of the wheel, the hardness is measured with a number and an 'A' next to it... so a 84A wheel is for outdoors and very hard, vs a 76A indoor wheel that is soft.  Now there are tons of different kids of indoor soft wheels and some floors react better to others.

We recommend for our floor either [Konixx PureX] wheels (they are blue)  or the [RinkRat Trickster XXX] wheels (they are lime green). Over the years they have shown the most grip for our floor and the floors that we play on. I have played on outdoor rinks that are dusty and slippery and it is the worst. If I thought roller hockey was like that I wouldn't play either.

But get the right wheels and give roller hockey a real chance and I promise you will fall in love with it. 

UPDATE*** Konixx has a new wheel that is recommended for players under 150lbs.  The Konixx Pulsar is a single pour version of the Pure-X and comes at a lower price.  Remember to use the code 'B_Bullets23' when buying direct from to get 25% off of your purchase.  

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